Jewellery and Accessories

The Client

BlingBijoux is an online B2C retailer offering a wide array of jewelry and accessories tailored for women. Their extensive product range includes everything from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to rings and hair accessories which are all available on their website.
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The Problem

In its early stages, Bling Bijoux operated using traditional methods for managing sales, orders, and customer relationships. Customers were facing issues in tracking their purchases which creates uneasiness to the customer for their purchasing. Also, the client realised that there was a lack of awareness about their new arrivals and offerings. As a result, the client required a solution that could meet all specifications and enable people to buy goods, and track their orders anywhere in the world..

The Solution

Attalla created a UI/UX design that is totally responsive, mobile-friendly, and sensitive to portable devices. We added an enhanced search bar feature that enables products by utilising keywords, popular items, and top search results. With the integration of a shipment facility, users can now track their orders. We also provided free shipping for a certain number of products,added a multi currency setup, introduced After-pay and multiple payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. We added Mail-chimp integration for marketing, live chat for any online enquiries which leads to positive user experience. We have also implemented Google Analytics to monitor web traffic, evaluate user engagement and enhance the overall user experience, social media integration such as Twitter, Facebook, You-tube and Instagram helps in website traffic performance & raise brand exposure.
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Technical Deliverables

The Results

Attalla has created a responsive UI/UX design, ensuring a smooth experience on all devices. They integrated a live WhatsApp chat for user support and added order tracking with free shipping options. The platform also supports multicurrency payments and streamlined marketing operations through Mailchimp. Overall, it’s a user-friendly and efficient platform.

What’s Next?

The business is on a mission to become the premier brand in the online B2C jewelry industry. They aim to create a strong bond with their global community of users, offering them not only exquisite pieces but also great value. They want their customers to benefit from the special offers on their curated selection, as well as take advantage of ongoing website deals. In an effort to reach a broader audience and make shopping with them even more convenient, they are integrating multi-currency capabilities. They are committed to enhancing the website’s functionality to ensure an engaging and user-friendly experience..

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