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The Client

Crane Humidifiers is a B2C single vendor eCommerce store headquartered in Itasca, IL that aims to be a leading manufacturer of air quality and wellness products like Heater, Humidifiers, Inhaler, Aroma Diffusers, Air Purifiers, and more.
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The Problem

The primary challenge was developing a dependable eCommerce platform that could efficiently deliver high-quality crane products and services to customers’ doorsteps.Initially, the existing platform, which was built using different technologies, posed management challenges concerning orders, customer interactions, and data handling. Plus one-step checkout process and speed optimisation issue. As a result, the client decided to transition to a WordPress eCommerce platform that would simplify the management of customer orders, data, and reporting.

The Solution

Attalla Digital has crafted a website that prioritizes both usability and aesthetic appeal across diverse screen sizes. With mobile device responsiveness, we’ve extended user engagement and conversion potential. We’ve also implemented Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology, which offers push notifications and offline access by adding the app to the home screen. To ensure optimum visibility in search engines, we integrated the WordPress Yoast SEO plugin, delivering a fully responsive and search engine-friendly website. We’ve developed a custom form for wholesalers, enabling them to apply for accounts and manage their customers efficiently. To minimize cart abandonment and enhance conversion rates, we introduced a streamlined one-step checkout process. We’ve also integrated PayPal and Visa Card Payment gateways for convenient transactions. To offer the best deals, we’ve incorporated a coupon code feature in the store. Social media authentication has been added, allowing users to log in using their preferred social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Lastly, to facilitate business growth and maintain customer connection, we’ve implemented Mailchimp Newsletter features.
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Technical Deliverables

The Results

A responsive website has been designed that is enhanced for usability and aesthetic appeal across a range of screen sizes. We created a website that is responsive to mobile devices, which extends user engagement and boosts search engine results.

What’s Next?

The primary business goal was to establish a one-stop shopping solution, catering to customers’ diverse crane product needs. The client also aimed to upgrade the website to enable customers from any part of Hong Kong to easily order and receive crane products. The objectives extended to handling orders locally, expanding brand awareness, and broadening delivery boundaries. Moreover, they envisaged providing top-quality humidifier products to musicians, singers, and performers, aiming to elevate their performances and the condition of their instruments.

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