Digital Marketing (SEO, SEM, & SMM)

Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO: The Holy Grail of Digital Marketing. It is the technical processes affecting your website visibility and friendliness to search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Main targets are text local search results but image or video search are commonplace focal points too. We ensure your website is friendly to search engines, what your customers are searching on is relevant and may update your website programming or content to deliver results.
SEM: The promotion of your website by increasing search engine results pages (SERP). This includes many methods but the result is focused on increasing your website popularity, rank and position in natural or organic search results. Think Google AdWords.
Digital Marketing (SEO) Services
Search Engine Optimization & Marketing Strategies
1. Optimisation (SEO)

Enhance your website & content to be friendly for search engines & customers.

2. Marketing (SEM)

Improve your search results, popularity and visibility for industry keywords.

3. Results Reporting

Revise on your website, popularity and competitors performance.

Google AdWords Management (PPC or CPC)

Cost per Click or Pay per Click
Generate instant website traffic, visitors and sales through Google’s Cost Per Click (CPC) AdWords program. Define a fixed daily budget and let our experts do the rest. A direct and measurable return on your monthly marketing investment. Generally this is a three step process; create adverts, adverts appear on Google and potential customers click adverts to visit your website.

Where steps in: Our professionals work within your monthly AdWords budget and target high value and high return keywords specific to your industry, products and services. Signup and we’ll get customers, leads, enquiries and foot traffic for your website.

1. Keyword Analysis

Targets your industry, analyses your competitors and optimises your budget.

2. Campaign Content

Develop your adverts, demographics, bids, landing pages & sales offerings.

3. Report & Revise

Iteration is key to success, we constantly provide content, updates & metrics.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Our Online Marketing Strategy

Free Marketing Audit
Keyword Targeting
Analyse Competition
Optimise Your Website
Track potential customers who visit your website
Retargeting ads

Social Media Marketing (SMM or SMO)

Attract more attention on social websites like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. We strategise, create content, review competitors and gain market share for you and your online business. Viral marketing of your products, services and social offers will increase direct access to your customers while maximising word of mouth, website foot traffic, social sharing and social invites to join your website.

1. Social Content

Develop a strategy to post and call to action offers while increasing brand awareness, website leads and sales.

2. Social Interaction

Promote sharing through your existing customers and their friends across multiple social networks.

3. Measure Results

Revise competitors, posts, shares and more to gain an overview of your industry social landscape.

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