Warehouse Tracking

The Client

The client’s aim is to develop a warehouse management system that tracks item details, orders, transportation, and user roles with access control. They also want a mobile app for convenient access to the system.
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The Problem

The client operates in construction site management and is responsible for tracking materials on the construction site. They faced challenges in keeping an accurate inventory, leading to losses for both the partner firm and their company. Previously, they managed inventory offline using Excel files, which was time-consuming and inefficient. They need a single solution that can handle inventory management online and offline on any device, including PCs and mobile apps.

The Solution

Attalla Digital worked with the client to create a detailed scope and user stories for a web and mobile application to manage construction materials. We used XD and Balsamiq to make a prototype, which helped the client understand the requirements. Based on the approved prototype, we recommended using Nodejs for the backend and Reactjs for the frontend to ensure a smooth user experience. For the mobile app, we suggested Flutter, which works on both iOS and Android devices and saves time and costs. Our senior design team developed eye-catching screens for the app. The web app uses Nodejs, Reactjs, and MongoDB, while Cloudeflare is used for a secure content distribution network.
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Technical Deliverables

The Results

Attalla Digital developed a web and mobile app for managing construction materials. They used XD and Balsamiq for the prototype. The web app uses Nodejs, Reactjs, and MongoDB, while the mobile app uses Flutter for iOS and Android. Cloudeflare ensures secure content distribution.

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