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The Client

Rhea is one of Melbourne’s brightest entrepreneurs, winning Channel 7 young Achievers Awards. The Traxi is now one of Melbourne’s biggest same day delivery service providers.
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The Problem

Being an expert photographer, Rachel developed her own set of filters which are unique to her
own brand. Rachel’s filters were developed in Lightroom, however Lightroom settings cannot be translated easily to mobile phones. With no method to monetize her creations, Rachel was stuck with a great product and no distribution method.

The Solution

After searching the internet for Melbourne’s Best Mobile App Developers, Rachel came across Attalla Digital. As an agency we are known to solve the most complex of problems.

After studying the project, Attalla Digital created the perfect solution by transforming the Lightroom filters to mobile optimised filters which can be used through her new app Pocket Studio. In addition to the filters, the app included an array of photo editing features that are unique and unavailable on any other app in the market. The app also included a scheduling feature to allow users to
schedule their images from the app to be posted on social media directly.

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Technical Deliverables

The Results

Pocket Studio quickly raked thousands of downloads making it rank in the TOP 10 Photo Editing Apps on the App Store.

What’s Next?

Pocket Studio has grown exponentially and Rachel is currently reviewing Stage 2 plans for the app to add more features and upgrades.

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