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The Client

Developed for one of Sydney’s biggest market buyers, Stockware was the solution to a lot of inventory management issues which small businesses face on a daily basis.Fabio reached out to Attalla Digital to look for help to turn the spreadsheet into an easy to use application for him and his employees.
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The Problem

Struggling to manage thousands of products across multiple locations live, Fabio realised his business is stalling due to lack of proper inventory management. The business was running on a robust spreadsheet, yet that spreadsheet could not keep up with the business growth.

The Solution

Attalla Digital helped Fabio with everything from idea validation, to product design and branding and all the way to deployment and marketing. The project was quite complex as features from the spreadsheet had to be integrated into the app.

The software had to work with massive datasets and to be able to display products live as employees were adding and removing products on the go.Accuracy was paramount to ensure the app is working well.

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Technical Deliverables

The Results

Stockware has catapulted Fabio’s business forward, allowing them to scale up. Data entry errors were no longer a problem, and users were able to generate reports to see how their inventory is tracking. The app reduced admin work heavily allowing Fabio to focus on his business. The app is now a SaaS product for small businesses to use.

What’s Next?

Fabio is currently planning the next stage of the application, to integrate with e-commerce solutions and grow MRR.

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