That’s Amore Cheese

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The Client

In 2008, after experience in two different cheese factories, Giorgio started his own business, That’s Amore Cheese! As they’re growing, the client is looking to build a B2B ecommerce mobile and web solution to create an ordering platform for suppliers. The aim of the application is to reduce the amount of errors involved in creating orders, as well improve B2B customer experience.
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The Problem

The client faced an issue in the food industry as their business was limited to the B2C market , which restricted their potential customer base to consumers only. The client aimed to overcome customer targeting issues and boost sales by expanding their business. Therefore, the client wanted a platform where B2B customers can also visit their website and a mobile application for placing orders.

The Solution

Attalla Digital provided an impressive user experience that enhanced the overall experience of users to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We have developed a new B2B website to reach a wide variety of customers. For a hassle-free operation of the website and to enhance the rate of orders mobile application has been developed. The website offers a diverse range of products within each category, and to enhance the search experience, we have incorporated filtering and sorting options. To improve the management of various business operations such as finance, human resources, inventory, supply chain, and customer relationship management, the website was integrated with Ostendo ERP. Social media integration such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram helps in website traffic performance & raises brand value.
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Technical Deliverables

The Results

The focus on providing an impressive user experience resulted in increased customer satisfaction. Users found the website and mobile application easy to navigate, leading to a positive overall experience. The development of a new B2B website allowed Attalla Digital to reach a wider variety of customers. This expansion enabled them to tap into new markets and attract a broader customer base. The development of a mobile application improved the rate of orders by providing a hassle-free operation. Customers could easily place orders through their smartphones, resulting in a streamlined and efficient ordering process. The integration of the website with Ostendo ERP improved the management of various business operations. Overall, the solutions implemented by Attalla Digital resulted in positive outcomes. They experienced higher customer satisfaction, an expanded customer reach, increased order rates, improved search functionality, optimized business operations, and a stronger online presence.

What’s Next?

The goal of the company was to position itself as the leading brand in the online cheese delivery sector. To increase sales, retain customers, and expand brand awareness in the competitive food industry.

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