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The Client

Rhea is one of Melbourne’s brightest entrepreneurs, winning Channel 7 young Achievers Awards. The Traxi is now one of Melbourne’s biggest same day delivery service providers.
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The Problem

Rhea’s business was growing exponentially while her business process and planning was running on spreadsheets. Deliveries were mapped out on Google Maps before an estimate was sent. It was slow, unscalable, and ineffective. If The Traxi was to keep growing, technology had to be integrated in the business to smooth operations.

The Solution

Attalla Digital was referred to Rhea by one of our happy clients. Impressed by our capabilities and our deep level of understanding how technology will help her business grow, she engaged us to begin working on a full digital solution.

The solution we designed is a delivery mobile and web application which allows users to book deliveries to one or multiple locations. Other features included, live tracking, delivery estimate and UI/UX that incorporated the business’ branding. The app also included a marketplace of Melbourne small businesses that specialise in Gifts, Alcohol, Desserts and more. Users were able to shop, and send their shopping to themselves or their loved ones.

The solution allowed The Traxi to reduce the admin work down to almost nothing. Payments were received automatically and drivers were paid automatically based on work they have completed. Even new Driver onboarding was automated using the app.

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Technical Deliverables

The Results

Shortly after launching, Rhea’s admin work has dropped to almost nothing. Sales were generated from hosting a marketplace for businesses that could not afford a website or marketing. Bookings increased and managing drivers were a lot smoother. Customer’s confidence in The Traxi brand has increased significantly as well.

What’s Next?

The Traxi is currently looking at developing a stage in the application. Upgrading existing features and preparing for national growth across Australia.

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